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What To Do In Canada Based On The Season

What To Do In Canada Based On The Season

February 18, 2017

Weather In Canada

The weather in Canada can vary greatly with the season. It can be hard to determine whether you should bundle up and stay indoors or go outside and enjoy the warm weather. These are some of the top things to do in Canada based on which season it is.

Good Time To Travel To Canada

After a harsh winter at times, the days are becoming warmer and the snow is beginning to melt. It can be rainy and the nights are cooler. You will still need boots and mittens though. This is considered to be a good time to travel to Canada as the days tend to be longer. There's still plenty of time to go skiing in the Rockies. If you are wanting to travel to Canada when it has fewer crowds, warm weather and low costs, May is a great time. Most of the snow is gone and it's the perfect time to do some whale watching off the coast or visit a national park.

Summers In Canada

The summers in Canada tend to be hot and dry. While the days can be scorching, there can be some cooler nights here and there so you will still need a coat. Now is a great time to visit the Great Lakes of Ontario. If you happen to be in Canada in June or July, consider visiting the Festival de Jazz de Montreal. It features hundreds of concerts and global jazz artists. In July, the Calgary Stampede comes in to town. This ten-day rodeo is very popular and considered to be one of the greatest outdoor shows on earth. For those that visit Canada in late August, the salmon run starts when these fish return from the ocean in large numbers. It generally lasts until November and is quite an interesting sight to see.

Fall Foliage

Days are becoming shorter now and the cold weather is starting to return. Fall foliage starts to become present and the weather can be fairly unpredictable. One day it can be hot and the next you might see some snow, especially towards November. This time of year is prefect to visit Niagara Falls with the beautiful leaves and fewer crowds. You might even be able to catch a polar bear wandering about. In the middle of November the Toronto Santa Claus Parade takes place. It has more than a half a million spectators each year and features quite a bit of floats and performers all dressed up.

Winter Temperatures can go below zero in the winter so you need to dress appropriately in order to remain comfortable. Days are shorter so you need to get in as much outdoor activities as you can during the daylight hours. After it's dark though, it's a great time to see the Northern Lights. If you want to see an authentic, winter carnival, check out the Quebec Winter Festival that starts the last weekend in January and last for 14 days. Here you will see some astonishing snow and ice sculptures.